RAEX Expert Agency affirmed the credit rating and the service quality of TKB Investment Partners (JSC) asset manager at А++

The rating score is supported by company’s top market positions (the 3rd largest assets under management as of March 31, 2018) and its significant market share (7.3%).

Other positive factors are high operating performance, strong ratios of current and absolute liquidity, and high net profit of return on investment (85.1% in 2017). The Agency also assessed company’s own equity capital reserve as high. 

The agency considers positive the high growth rates in managed assets across several segments. For instance, in 2017 corporate assets under individual trust management grew by 13.4%, while NPF (Non-State Pension Fund) savings and funds of private persons under individual trust management increased by 22.6% and 314.7% respectively.

Diversification of company’s client base and credit quality of its managed assets are viewed as high. The Agency also positively assessed the high diversification in managed assets.

Other factors considered as rating promoters were high level of organization in investment and risk-management processes, high quality of company’s IT system, low infrastructural risks and high reliability of depositories and special depositaries that serve the Asset Manager.

RAEX (Expert RA) monitoring of the asset trust management market at the end of Q1 2018 ranked TKB Investment Partners (JSC) as follows: the 3rd largest in total managed assets, the 2nd in managed pension savings of NPFs, the 3rd in managed insurers’ reserves, the 1st in managed military mortgage funds, and the 1st largest in corporate assets under individual trust management.

Source: Rating Agency RAEX («Expert RA») https://raexpert.ru/releases/2018/Aug23b

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