Rosbank became a new partner to TKB Investment Partners

With its close to bank deposit’s reliability and potentially higher earnings this medium-term instrument is designed to expand financial portfolios of Rosbank customers.

Mr. Vladimir Kirillov, Chief Executive Officer of TKB Investment Partners: “We are happy to begin our cooperation with Rosbank and other companies of the Societe Generale Group. The teams on both sides worked hard to launch a new product and we plan to continuously co-develop the product line for the benefit of bank’s customers.”

“The new product is an important recent addition to the retail investment line offered by Rosbank. We focus at providing a full range of options to our customers for investing their funds. The product was developed on the basis of Societe Generale expertise at international investment markets and with consideration to customer expectations of convenience, yield and risk level,” said Damien Leclercq, Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department at Rosbank.

The product combines conservative financial instruments and a derivative underlined by the SG Dragons basket. The basket shares are issued by four prominent European companies with favorable forecasts by Societe Generale Group analytics.

The conservative financial instruments in the portfolio ensure that the amount invested by the customer remains risk-free until product’s maturity.

Moreover, subject to noninfringement of the set out barriers, the strategy provides for annual accruals of coupons that are paid at the product term. In addition to that, the memory effect is available for coupons, which means that the customer receives a full coupon amount for the entire duration of the strategy even if the quotes met the specified conditions only at the strategy end date.

Starting this February, the product is distributed through 30 offices of Rosbank in Moscow and soon will be available to all Premium customers of the bank.

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