Russian Equities Weekly 8-12/04/2019: A step ahead of the others

The Power & Utilities sector outperformed other sectors last week. This was mainly due to an increase in Inter RAO share prices. News that the company got 60% of total capacity quota in cogeneration projects for the period 2022-2024 had a positive effect on its shares performance.

Metal & Mining firms lagged behind the rest of the market due to a drop in the price of gold at the end of the week.

  Week YTD
RTS Total return (TR) in USD 2.3% 17.6%
MOEX index TR in RUB    
Composite 0.7% 8.3%
Blue chip 0.9% 10.0%
Small and mid-cap 0.1% 4.6%
MOEX sector indices TR in RUB    
Power Utilities 1.8% 7.8%
Financial Services 0.6% 11.6%
Oil & Gas 0.6% 3.0%
Consumer Goods -0.2% 3.1%
Metals & Mining -0.8% 2.5%
RUB/USD 1.6% 7.6%
RUB/EUR 0.7% 9.5%

Data as of April 12th, 2019
Sources: TKB Investment Partners (JSC) calculations; Bloomberg

Main Russian news

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) set a new record for OFZ treasury bonds last week, beating the previous month’s performance. Over the course of one day, 10th April, MoF managed to sell 137 billion roubles (around 2.13 billion US Dollars) worth of OFZ bonds, while demand was even higher at over 192 billion roubles. This alone accounted for almost 25% of MoF OFZ sales plan for the second quarter of 2019. Foreign investors become more active in OFZs amid talks of a “sanctions fatigue” in the US Congress, and its concerns that restrictive measures against Russia may equally harm the US economy. Non-resident inflow in OFZs triggered strong rouble appreciation.

To watch…

Rosstat is due to publish macroeconomic indicators for Q1 of 2019

Author: Marina Tsutskiridze, Junior Investment Specialist

Sources: Vedomosti, Bloomberg, Rosstat, TKB Investment Partners (JSC); April 2019


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